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Authors of The WUAC Inquirer


The Origin of the Undergraduate Space Law & Policy Review



pieces of space debris moving at extremely high speeds in low Earth orbit.


known military/dual-use satellites in the sky.


international treaties outlining space laws.

With the rapid expansion and privatization of the space industry comes the need for laws and regulations to catch up and control potential detrimental effects on society at large.

Mission Statement

Half Full Moon

WUAC’s Space Law & Policy Division is devoted to the accessible dissemination of knowledge concerning domestic and international regulations and principles of space-related activities. 

Here, we will learn about the fundamental rules of the space industry, think critically about past, current, and future legislation/treaties, and consolidate our research into compelling writing. 

While undergraduate law journals and law school space law journals already exist, this year, our division will be the very first to synthesize the two and create an undergraduate space law review. 

What You'll Learn



By developing your hard skills, members of this division can appeal to employers (and will have the samples to provide to them!)

Law School

All the legal research, writing, and citing will help members be well-prepared for law school.


Preparing reviews and opinion articles for WUAC will also help members stay up-to-date about new developments in treaties, space events, and laws, which can only be a benefit for a future career tied to the space industry. 


Space law deals with many fields of law to explore, such as environmental law, criminal law, intellectual property law, corporate law, and international law, so there will be the chance to focus and learn about your particular interests, especially how it relates to space.



There are no requirements to write for WUAC’s Space Law Review -- whether you are completely unfamiliar with space law or well-acquainted with the field, there is a spot for you here.

We will be writing plenty of different kinds of articles, from informal opinion pieces and fun informational articles to formal legal critiques with citations, and will be writing pieces in teams, as well as individually.

That being said, we ask is that you come with the enthusiasm to learn and creativity to build WUAC’s Space Law & Policy Division. 

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